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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Do You have a Blueprint of Your Ideal Mate?

Stacie, the main character in my novel Crazy Love is notorious for keeping lists. She lives by her lists. She feels that her What I Want in a Man list is her blueprint for her perfect mate. Check it out:

1. Must be nine inches or bigger

2. He must be six feet, one inch or taller

3. He must have light eyes, green or gray

4. Must have soft curly hair—none of that nappy shit

5. Gotta have Shemar Moore’s cheekbones

6. Gotta be able to wear a mesh muscle shirt and look good in it

7. His ride gotta be phat

8. He must be making at least $80k (after taxes)

9. No kids—I don’t need any baby momma drama

10. He’d better be a freak in bed

I can’t laugh because at one time I kept a list. Yep, I kept a list of what I was looking for in a man. When I decided to start this blog I went searching for it. It’s funny I wrote it in 2000 but for the most part my wants haven’t deviated too much from the list.

Check out my list:

1. He must be a strong confident Black man

2. He must have strong morals, ethics and character

3. He should be comfortable in his own skin

4. He says, “I want to treat you like a queen.” And really means it.

5. He must be sexually adventurous and can appreciate a women who is as well

6. He can be vulnerable but not weak

7. He should be centered within his universe

8. He must be spiritually strong, no need to be able to quote the bible

9. He wants to be a husband, lover and father

10. He must be willing to see my flaws as cute idiosyncrasies not defects and I’ll do the same for him.

Pretty different from Stacie’s huh? But maybe I should steal the nine inches or bigger requirement from her.

What do y’all think about lists? Do you think they’re necessary? Who’s more prone to keep them men or women? Do you have a list for the perfect mate? If so, what’s on it? You gotta share, I told you mine.


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