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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Denise Daniel's Guide to Pleasing Your Man (And Yourself) - Part Fourteen

Welcome back. Let's continue.

4. If the image of him sleeping peacefully beside you flits through your mind like a soft caress, pick up the phone or lean over to him and whisper it to him in his ear.

5. Bathe him. That's right, give your man a bath. I'm not talking about a full-body scrub down. I mean a loving, soul cleansing bath. There's no better way to show your man your love for him than by giving him a little tender care. Let your hands roam over his body as you wash away his anxieties while he languishes in scented water in a tub surrounded with soothing scented candles.

6. Sweep him off his feet. Steal him away to a posh hotel for a weekend of romance, soul enrichment, and culinary delights. Pack a bag of clothes for both of you, pick him up at work Friday night, and surprise him with your plans. Spend the weekend being his freak mama, rejuvenating your spirit, or simply holding each other.

7. We all know how good we feel when we receive flowers unexpectedly at work. Our heartstrings are tugged hard at knowing that our man actually picked out the flowers himself and had them sent to us. To women, it's a public declaration of his love. You do the same for him. It doesn't have to be a special occasion. Do it just because______________. You fill in the blank. Believe it or not, men do like to receive flowers. Blow him away by having a gorgeous arrangement delivered to his job. If you think that he might be a little embarrassed by receiving flowers at work, have them waiting for him when he gets home after a hard day of work. Be sure to send him flowers that scream virility. I bet you're wondering, how can flowers be masculine? Well, you don't want to send him a bouquet of baby girl pink carnations. Some flowers exude masculinity, red roses do. Picture a rose. Solid elongated blooms sitting atop long thick and thorny stems, this radiates strength. This is just one, there are dozens more. Take your time to visit a reputable florist, don't be afraid to mix and match different flowers to create the arrangement that you want.

See you next week!
Desiree Day
Author of Crazy Love


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